Friday, 30 October 2009

Halloween Fun!

Hey everyone and Happy Halloween to you all! For the first time in my life I was going to go out on Halloween I was gonna dress up and have a great time..but ive not been feeling to well so it seems I wont be able to go..But there's no need for me to be sad because I can have so much fun this Halloween in the safety of my own home whilst playing secret builders!

Have you all checked out the shop and the cool Halloween Outfits you can buy? I got a witches outfit, I so love pink and just about everything in my Secret Builders home is PINK! but just as its a special Halloween time I decorated the downstairs of my SB home check it out..

Okay so its not very scary..I bet you could all do much better!! Why not check out what cool Halloween items you can buy to decorate your home on SB. There's so much to choose from! OH OH OH and I hear this weekend will be party time!! YIPEE see now im so glad im staying in this Halloween after all!
Have fun!
 REMEMBER: If you are trick or treating- Be safe on Halloween. Go with an Adult and lots of friends and wrap up warm!

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