Saturday, 31 October 2009

Be Safe This Halloween!

Safe pumpkin carving

Always ask and adult to help you carve your Pumpkin/Jack o lantern.
• If possible, don’t use naked flames to light jack o’ lanterns – instead, use a small flashlight. If you don’t have a suitable flashlight, use a votive candle and position the jack o’ lantern well away from curtains and other flammable objects.
• Never leave it unattended or lit when you are out.

Safe Trick Or Treating.
Go with an adult and lots of friends!
Be seen at night. Plan costumes that are bright and reflective – add reflective tape to costumes and trick-or-treat bags for greater visibility.
Use a torch to help light your route, and put fresh batteries in it before setting off.

Make sure to visit well lit homes.

Make sure your costume isn't to long so you are not likely to trip over!

Avoid accidents by using well-lit routes and walking on the pavement (if there’s no pavement, stick to the edge of the road and walk facing towards oncoming traffic). Cross roads at designated crossings and never cross between parked cars.

Understand that some people such as older people may not like Halloween some of those costumes can be mighty scary so if you do not get an answer at a door don't take it to heart.

Eat a good meal before you go out, As tempting as it is try not to eat all your treats at once save some for the next day!

Wrap up warm.

But most of all be safe and have lots of fun!

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