Monday, 2 November 2009

Hope you had a fab time!

Hope you all had a fab Halloween? Did you all buy loads of cool decorations for your homes on secret builders? I was really pleased with mine and I dont think that ill ever want to take them all down now! I hope a big spider comes to live in my spiders webs! me loves spiders! hehe.

By the way did you know that in the shop you can find pet permits? They are for supershills and its really cool as you can have more then one pet with one of these! See my incubator? kaytee my unicorn is soon to have a play mate YAY!
Check out a previous post to learn about pets and I really hope to see you all soon on secret builders! Pay me a visit if you can coz that skeleton in my room isnt much use for conversation!!
Speak soon!

OH OH EEEKKK look what just came onto my screen!!! MY wish was granted haha!

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