Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Spells unleash the magic within.

Some of the wonderful members of SB tonight I noticed were getting in a fluster because someone was casting a spell on them, it got me thinking that maybe they didnt understand spells and were taking it personally. Well my friends there's no need, Casting spells is a bit of fun i am very sure its not meant meanly at all, I myself would love to get on the loading screen where it says "Users that have cast the most spells" though im a long way off yet hehe, Its fun to chase your buddies around casting spells on them and watching as they turn into a frog or maybe even a rodent!

Click on the shop icon as I mentioned before its like a little shopping trolley on the left side panel of your SB screen and you will see lots of spells for sale, see which cool ones you have enough shills to buy!

To cast a spell simply click on your buddy or a member and then their player card will come up, click the magic icon, its a little magic wand you can see I marked it on my own player card above. Then simply double click on a spell you want to cast and alakazam the magic has been released and your spell has been cast!

Have some fun if you see me around you can cast as many spells as you wish especially the rat one me really likes him what a cutie!


  1. I know your password, today March 1st 2012 I'm gonna steal all of your clothes from your inventory. HA!