Sunday, 29 November 2009

So Exciting!!

Hey again everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I was unwell for a bit but now im feeling a lot better and im having so much fun on SB!

It was so exciting to return to find the update complete! There is so much to see! You must and I mean MUST! Invest in some Scuba Gear! Then you can really have lots of fun exploring "Nemo's Dive" They are 200 Supershills and worth every penny! theres lots more other things Super Builders and those who have purchased Supershills, will be able to do soon and new things they can now..Like have you seen Urbanopolis? Check out the bank there as its a great feature for SUPER BUILDER members!
Also in the Market Place next to Magic Bazzar you will see the Pet Shop where for a short time you will be able to add a RARE Black Dragon to your pet collection! Don't forget to buy your multiple pet permit first as I mentioned on an earlier post!

And even if your not a Super Builder right now why not ask Santa to make you one for Christmas? If he forgets then no worries you don't have to be a Super Builder to have fun theres still tonz to do! Please see my earlier post about becoming a SUPER BUILDER Or how to get SUPERSHILLS but please remember to ask your parents and let them have a look before you buy!

SO MUCH to see and do and im only telling you a little of it! Why?? Coz I don't wanna spoil your fun! Check out Secret Builders as soon as you can and see for yourself..Not a member?? OH MY GOSH your missing out! Sign up for your free account like right now!!
See you there!

(To be taken to the Buy Supershills Page or to look into becoming a Super Builder click on the high lighted words above)

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